Reimagining the Gynecological Exam

Introducing the Callascope

Fear of the speculum and feelings of vulnerability during the gynecologic exams are two of the biggest barriers to cervical cancer screening for women. To address these barriers, we have developed a novel, low-cost tool called the Callascope to reimagine the gynecological exam, enabling clinician and self-imaging of the cervix without the need for a speculum.

Cervical cancer affects the lives of 500,000 women worldwide each year, resulting in more than 270,000 deaths annually. Because the majority of cases occur in low-income countries that cannot afford the tools commonly used in the United States, new solutions must be found.

The key innovation that will help us achieve our goal is a product called the Callascope.

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High Quality Imaging

Equivalent to that of the most expensive colposcopes

Speculum Free

Requires no invasive or uncomfortable speculum.

User Insertion Enabled

Created to overcome global accessibility needs at a sustainable cost.

User Friendly

Simplified means of performing a cervical exam


About 1/10 the cost of tradtional colposcopes

Data/Research Enabled

Option to collect patient data in form of cervical images. An opportunity for aggregation of data on disease prevalence.

Portable & Digital

Lightweight and easy to transport. Paired with mobile screen

m-Health Enabled

Allows for remote diagnostics and EMR data collection

The speculum is one barrier to cervical cancer screening due to fear of pain, discomfort and embarrassment, particularly for women who have never been previously screened in a routine gynecological exam. The Callascope, an alternative to the standard speculum enables speculum-free, provider insertion or self-insertion, and image capture of the cervix.

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The inserter is created without any moving parts and has a tip that resembles the shape of a Calla Lily and a stem for a slimmer version of the Pocket Colposcope. A smart phone with live video can guide the Callascope to the cervix. The Callascope with or without self-HPV testing can enable women to have complete control over the screening process.

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In clinical investigations in over 8 countries across 4 continents. The Pocket Colposcope received FDA clearance in September 2018.

Press & User Reviews

“It is small, transportable, practical, it doesn’t require additional resources, you can use it in a mobile clinic."

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La Liga Contra el Cancer

It takes high quality images, and this really stood out to us.

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La Liga Contra el Cancer

It is small, transpotable, practical, it doesn’t require additional resources, you can use it in a mobile clinic.

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La ligations contra el cancer

The callascope comes in very handy to augment cervical cancer screening.

Dr. Asah-Opoku - Greater Accra Regional Hospital

I really liked the Callascope. I thought it was really easy to use.

Callascope - self-imaging participant

Much better (than the speculum), I like it. I would like this new one every time

Callascope - self-imaging participant

It was an empowering and intimate experience with myself

Callascope - self-imaging participant

I am really excited about the algorithms and the difference they can make

John Schmidt - Physician, Duke University