Reimagining the Gynecological Exam

Introducing the Pocket Colposcope

The new instrument with the potential to revolutionize cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings.

Cervical cancer affects the lives of 500,000 women worldwide each year, resulting in more than 270,000 deaths annually. Because the majority of cases occur in low-income countries that cannot afford the tools commonly used in the United States, new solutions must be found.

The key innovation that will help us achieve our goal is a product called the Pocket Colposcope, which was created as a result of a 3-year human centered design process between Duke , 3rd Stone Design and clinical partners in the U.S., Peru, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya.

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High Quality Imaging

Equivalent to that of the most expensive colposcopes

User Friendly

Simplified means of performing a cervical exam


About 1/10 the cost of tradtional colposcopes

Data/Research Enabled

Option to collect patient data in form of cervical images. An opportunity for aggregation of data on disease prevalence.

Portable & Digital

Lightweight and easy to transport. Paired with mobile screen

m-Health Enabled

Allows for remote diagnostics and EMR data collection

Unlike traditional colposcopes, the tampon-shaped Pocket Colposcope is inserted through a speculum to provide a magnified image of the cervix. Close up imaging of the cervix achieves exquisite image quality that rivals that of one of the best colposcopes on the market without the need for high-end light sources, optics or cameras.

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The Pocket Colposcope is significantly less expensive, smaller and lighter than a traditional clinical colposcope.

Weighing less than two pounds, it fits inside a pocket (hence the name). The device enables healthcare providers to optically zoom in and capture acetic acid, Lugol’s iodine and vascular images (green light imaging) by pressing a button with their thumb. Images taken with the Pocket Colposcope are transmitted instantly to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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In clinical investigations in over 8 countries across 4 continents. The Pocket Colposcope received FDA clearance in September 2018.

Press & User Reviews

“It is small, transportable, practical, it doesn’t require additional resources, you can use it in a mobile clinic."

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La Liga Contra el Cancer

It takes high quality images, and this really stood out to us.

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La Liga Contra el Cancer

The impact of using instruments like the pocket colposcope combined with the thermocoagulator will be huge.

Patricia Garcia - former prime minister of health in Peru, leader in global health

It is small, transpotable, practical, it doesn’t require additional resources, you can use it in a mobile clinic.

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La ligations contra el cancer

If we can place in the hands of providers technology that is relatively low cost, that is easy to use, that doesn’t require electricity and can get to a small health center , like the Pocket colposcope and have a corresponding treatment like the thermocoagulator we can really change the story.

Patricia Garcia - former prime minister of health in Peru, leader in global health

The callascope comes in very handy to augment cervical cancer screening.

Dr. Asah-Opoku - Greater Accra Regional Hospital

I really liked the Callascope. I thought it was really easy to use.

Callascope - self-imaging participant

Much better (than the speculum), I like it. I would like this new one every time

Callascope - self-imaging participant

It was an empowering and intimate experience with myself

Callascope - self-imaging participant

I am really excited about the algorithms and the difference they can make

John Schmidt - Physician, Duke University