Reimagining the Gynecological Exam

Calla Health Technologies is centered on sustainably improving women's access to cancer prevention. Creating innovations that increase wide scale surveillance of cervical pre-cancers and cancers.

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Quality imaging

Our portable technologies enable image quality on par with high-end colposcopes at a fraction of the price.

Clinical accuracy

Imaging plus algorithms which ensure expert precision in diagnostics.

Global Health

Created to overcome global accessibility needs at a sustainable cost.

It is small, transportable, practical, it doesn’t require additional resources, you can use it in a mobile clinic.

Katya Lopez - mid wife, La Liga Contra el Cancer
Revolutionizing cervical cancer screening

The Pocket Colposcope

The new instrument with the potential to revolutionize cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings.

How does the Pocket Colposcope work?
Revolutionizing cervical cancer screening

The callascope

Reimaginging the gynecological exam as we know it, obviating the need for the speculum and enabling users to have more autonomy over their bodies.

How does the Callascope work?
Revolutionizing cervical cancer screening

Artificial intelligence

Providing cervical pre-cancer risk assessment on par with expert physicians, to facilitate use my community health workers.

How does the AI system work?
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Art exhibit to create awareness for cervical cancer and reproduction of the Callascope

Our time educating & spreading awareness in Ghana

Midwife at La Liga Contra El Cancer Mobile Clinic testing out the Pocket Colposcope

Interviewing Dr. Srofenyoh

Team visits a Mobile cervical cancer screening van in Lima, Peru

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